Off the Shelf Supplements

      It is not possible to significantly increase hormone levels through dietary supplements or non-prescription hormone products. Companies selling these products are out to make money using the results of Dr. Daniel Rudman's study, and produce "watered-down" products without concern for drug interactions or hormonal imbalances in the patient. The statistics quoted in their advertisements are from Dr. Rudman's study based on rGH injections, and do not apply to over the counter products. There is no FDA accepted empirical evidence that these oral products taken as directed have any affect on growth or aging, but are solely dependent on "injected rGH" as used by Dr. Rudman's study patients. The caveat holds, "Buyer beware!"

      Recombinant HGH is manufactured to match the human amino acid, which is a chain of 191 amino acids, and cannot be taken orally. Our program is custom tailored for each individual, combining additional hormones, when required, such as thyroid, estrogen, and progesterone, so that your hormone levels are uniquely balanced in all areas of physiology. This requires periodic examinations to insure that overall growth and development is in balance and the patient's safety is assured. If you are truely health conscious, it just makes sense!