Rule 1:  DON'T DIE!!! (Most important!)

Rule 2: 

Rule 3: 

"Everyday you stay healthy and alive is another day medical science comes closer to finding the ultimate cure for aging."

Here are the key factors ...
  1. Drive a big car, 2800 pounds plus, the survivability potential in a fatal accident between large and small cars can differ 10 fold.
  2. Avoid stress and depression. They are the major causes of premature aging.
  3. Exercise daily. It is your number one defense against the infirmities of old age.
  4. Limit the fat in your diet. It is directly related with an increased risk of both heart disease and cancer.
  5. Sleep well - seven to eight hours a night. Quality sleep is essential for rejuvenation and repair.
  6. Consume little or no alcohol - it's a neurotoxin.
  7. Don't smoke. It stains your teeth, smells bad, and has killed more Americans than all foreign wars combined. For every minute your smoke, a minute of your life is taken away.
  8. Keep your weight at/or even 5% below ideal body weight (IBW). Mortality increases significantly at 20% or more of IBW, and 10% or more below IBW.
  9. Maintain optimum antioxidant vitamin blood levels (vitamins E and C). Animal studies show a 20% increase in longevity with optimum supplementation.
  10. If age 55 or over, consider hormone replacement therapy, if needed, by a knowledgeable physician.
  11. Drink adequate purified or bottled water. As much as 70% of municipal water were polluted with potentially toxic amounts of chlorine and fluorine. According to recent EPA studies ... these chemicals have been linked to increased urinary tract cancers.
  12. Think young! Aging is as much a state of mind as it is a state of physiology. Lie about your age (especially to yourself). Keep young friends to remind yourself what "youth" feels like.
  13. Don't accept "just getting old." Fight tooth and nail to remain youthful and vigorous.
At least 40 new and marvelous anti-aging drugs now exist and hundreds more are under development for everything from bone loss, Alzheimer's treatments, wrinkle reduction, and gray hair. Find a reputable and qualified anti-aging physician and reclaim your youth!

(Taken from "Stopping the Clock" by Ron Katz M.D. and Robert Goldman M.D.)